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Network Security

Network Security Services in York & Adams Counties

As a full-service IT solutions provider in Hanover, we provide network security services for businesses in York and Adams Counties.

What Is Network Security?

Network Security refers to any action taken to protect your network from threats. This ensures usability, integrity, reliability and safety of your network and data by targeting threats and stopping them before entering your computer network. So what do these threats include? A majority of network security threats today are spread over the Internet with the most common ones being viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and hacker attacks.

Network Security gives you a single solution with multiple layers of security so if one fails, the others still stand. This is accomplished through both hardware and software integration from the likes of anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS) and virtual private networks (VPNs). When your network infrastructure is secure, you can truly work with confidence and ensure all your data, applications and operating system are safe and operating at peak performance.

What Are My Network Security Costs?

When it comes to technology, your true costs go beyond hardware that need fixing. Downtime is a cost that many might not account for in their IT budget. When your technology breaks, or is simply not performing at utmost efficiency, you’re not making the most out of your investment and your time. This, in the long run, affects your profits.

Network Security ensures the backbone of your business is secure and operating seamlessly. This means your hardware, software, data and critical applications are connected and running at peak efficiency, allowing you to simplify work processes, boost productivity and avoid online threats that could lead to downtime and expensive repairs. This, in turn, lower costs and maximizes profits.

What Are My Benefits With Network Security?

Network Security from iNet Technology helps protect your personal data and keeps your network running safely to fuel employee productivity. With multi-layer protection, your employees will be able to work securely from any location, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the beach. This encourages collaboration and facilitates communication with clients and suppliers by offering secure network access which boosts clients’ confidence by letting them know their sensitive information is protected.

More importantly, network protection reduces the fallout from security breaches and shortens the recovery time should a security breach occur. Ultimately hacking attempts or viruses will not be able to harm your computers and will most likely be detected before they even enter your network in the first place.

At iNet Technology, we use best-in-class antivirus and anti-spyware as well as a firewall to block unauthorized access, IPS to identify fast-spreading threats and VPNs to provide secure, remote access. With that, your network is protected 24/7 and you’ll remain compliant with government and industry specific regulations, giving you peace of mind so you can work with confidence.