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Managed Healthcare IT Services

At iNet we understand just how important it is in the medical field to have round-the-clock technology. Any downtime can wreck havoc upon your practice. We offer secure systems in order to help keep your patients and your practice protected. All of your technological needs are taken care of that way you can focus on your patients.

Personalized Strategies

All strategies are designed to meet the needs of your practice and provide the best service to your patients. We make sure all devices are connected that way information is distributed at a faster pace and in the hands of those who need it when they need it.

Software Management

Maintain focus on all your patients and let iNet worry about your business and ensure that all software is running at its best. Any time software or even any of the systems need updating, we handle it right away, reducing any threat of issues.


iNet will help to ensure that all systems remain HIPAA compliant, protecting your patients. Any time regulations change we will verify that all systems are still compliant, keeping your practice up to date.

iNet aims to provide your practice with the very best systems that way you can care for your patients the best way possible. With personalized systems your practice will be running smoothly and without worry. For more information and any questions feel free to contact us.