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Non-Profit IT Support

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations

Now more than ever non-profits are relying on technology to thrive and succeed. At iNet Technology we realize this and work to make every dollar spent go back to the growth of the foundation.

Reduced Costs

As part of a non-profit low costs are crucial as money is needed to go back into the foundation to help with growth. iNet will help to keep costs low while providing the highest quality of service.


Privacy is very important in non-profits and compliance of the laws is to be held at all times. When creating strategies iNet will ensure that your non-profit will remain compliant of any and all laws.

Adaptive Technology

Conveying the message of your non-profit is important to the growth of the foundation and its cause. iNet will help to create strategies to ensure your non-profit is being recognized and its purpose receives the awareness it deserves.

From creating a strategy that is both cost effective and unique to your non-profit to ensuring all laws are being followed iNet is here to help your foundation thrive. For more information or any questions feel free to contact us.