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In an increasingly digital world, businesses need more IT assistance than ever.

If you run a company in Gettysburg, you need to make sure you utilize the right managed IT services.

Working with the right managed service provider can save you a lot of time, money and trouble. It will help you to work toward your goals for growth, rather than be held back by technical issues.

Our Services

iNet Technology IT services include:

Mobile Device Repairs: If a business device breaks, we can fix it and ensure that use of that asset can resume.

Same Day Services: We have many services that can be performed the same day to keep your business on-track.

Computer Training: With better training, your employees can get so much more out of your tech- and you can get so much more out of your employees. One-on-one training helps to ensure that your employees are learning efficiently and effectively.

Managed IT Services: For a complete, top-down approach to taking care of your IT systems, utilize our managed IT services.

Network Security: It has never been more important to have top-of-the-line network security. With our help, you’ll keep secure data and information secure.

IT Consulting: Whatever your needs and plans for growth are, we can help you to find the best possible solutions for now and the future.

Wifi Solutions: With our help, your wifi can be a help, rather than a hindrance.

Backup and Disaster recovery: Backup and recovery is essential in case of an outage or system failure. We can help to ensure that your data is safe.

Hardware: We can help turn your computers into a budget-friendly operating expense.

Why iNet?

When you are looking for a top IT company in Gettysburg, PA, you need to find a team you can trust. 

At iNet, we have years of experience in IT and managed services, as well as a large list of satisfied clients and customers.

When you work with iNet, you get a truly cost-effective (and fixed-rate) IT support service, whether you are in need of just one of our services, or a completely managed service package. 

iNet will provide you with a specialty team who knows all the ins and outs of managed IT services. Your team will have the expertise you can only find with true experts in their field.

One of the main concerns of most modern businesses is cybersecurity. Having strong cybersecurity means you are going to have:

Achieving strong cybersecurity is ensured by utilizing an IT team who knows what they are doing. We offer one of the top cybersecurity packages in Gettysburg, which will keep your business safe and moving forward.

We are always happy to discuss your business’s goals, as well as any solutions that will help your business to grow and find success. 

We offer a fully tailored service, so you are getting exactly what your business needs. 

If you want to find out more about the best managed IT services in Gettysburg, don’t hesitate to get in touch.