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Managed IT Services –  

Our active Managed Services Client manages available disk space, patch management, Anti-Virus and Spyware definition updates and active scans. We will receive daily reporting that goes to our technicians where any issues will be addressed immediately through our Managed Services Client. Any problems requiring on-site or hardware repair/replacement will be brought to your attention with the best-fit resolution options. 

Our Proactive Advantage Packages provide all of the monitoring your company needs to feel secure and up to date. With our proactive advantage packages you will get enterprise grade anti-virus protection as well as a savings on any additional services of remote, on-site and after-hours support time based on your package.

Managed AV Solutions 

Our managed Antivirus Active Protection offers real-time protection against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, bots and other malware threats. With this option, we have the tools to find and disable malicious hidden processes on user systems, leveraging multiple detection methods to analyze files. Our managed Antivirus in-house malware processing tools analyze hundreds of thousands of threat samples every day. Threat detection’s from these labs and other malware detection sources are integrated into the Managed Antivirus threat definitions multiple times per day to keep your security up-to-date and efficient. 

Cyber Security – With the use of our state-of-the-art managed IT reporting software, managed av and malware protection as well as our managed backup solution we can provide the latest in cyber security for your business. With can run deep-packet inspections on your network, determine vulnerability, and with our managed clients provide protection to each workstation and server on your network to ensure the highest-level of security. Want more? We can also provide network monitoring services utilizing the latest in DNS technology to divert malware, botnets and other phishing attacks before they even get to your network devices. 

Managed Backup Solutions 

Our world-class monitoring tools allow for seamless monitoring of your existing backup solution. Don’t have a backup solution? iNet can provide solutions to fit any budget to give you the peace of mind knowing your system is backed up with an enterprise grade solution without an enterprise price tag. Our daily monitoring routines alert our facility of any issues that arise with your backup jobs and a technician is assigned to resolve the issue. We can also verify the backup job to ensure recover-ability in the event of a failure that your backup is reliable.  

IT Design & Implementation 

iNet will offer complete system and network monitoring to allow a pro-active approach to all system and network problems. We will be alerted of system problems as they arise from our monitoring system and be able make informed decisions on how to react to each individual problem. We will first begin by doing an on-site evaluation and install monitoring tools onto networked systems. While on-site we will complete an asset evaluation worksheet and begin development of a network layout design. After the monitoring systems begin reporting information to our hub we will be able to setup monitoring alerts based on critical system applications. Pro-active system monitoring has become a key component to most businesses. This takes many of the risks that we continue to see in this industry such as virus/malware risks and infections, hard drive deterioration, patch management (windows security updates) and system application failures along with many others. With our state-of-the-art monitoring systems we are able to detect problems before they become catastrophic. In the event you need our staff to complete tasks on-site we can have one of our experienced technicians scheduled within 24 hours. Our pro-active approach allows us to truly be your complete IT solution company. With our knowledgeable and friendly staff we will take the everyday worries of IT management off of your plate.