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Residential and Commercial IT Services in York, PA

As a provider of managed IT services and cybersecurity in the York, Pa. area, we are here for your success. Our goal is to fulfill your managed IT service needs and also offer cybersecurity services you may not be aware of.

You will not have to concern yourself with managing IT but focus on doing what you do best. Whether you are a small or large corporation, nonprofit, or up-and-coming education center, or you need residential services, our IT services cover you 24/7. 

By managing your IT services, iNet partners with you in ensuring your complete success.

How We Help You

Commercial IT Services

Managed IT Services

We offer an array of managed IT services for your business or other commercial endeavors. We protect you from cyber-attacks, viruses, malware, and other threats. We can design cyber protection catered to your specific needs, with 24/7 monitoring and overage.

We offer a complete system and network monitoring designed for your situation. As part of our IT consulting we listen to what you say and then we evaluate your hardware, your network and work to develop a program that will exceed all of your goals.

Network Security and Wi-Fi Solutions

Your network and Wi-Fi are what keep you and your people going. You are not like everyone else and iNet works to offer you the best solutions for your Wi-Fi network. We can assess your requirements and develop the best solution for your company. Once we have your network in place, we provide 24/7 monitoring of your complete system with fixed rates.

iNet provides backup and data recovery that will protect your data and business, giving you more peace of mind. As part of our cloud services, we can develop a hybrid cloud environment offering you the best storage solutions for your files.

Residential IT Services

iNet offers several services for your home including mobile device repair, training, and same-day services. We have parts for most major smartphones and tablets and can repair them on-site for a reasonable price. If you require training on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone then we can provide specific training for your needs. 

We can also help with your residential network and Wi-Fi offering a solution for your home and business. Many people are working from home, and companies want their system to remain secure from a remote point. 

Remote work is where commercial and residential overlap and iNet is ready to provide the cybersecurity and managed IT service for whichever situation you find yourself in.

iNet not only offers complete managed IT services but cost savings with fixed rates. Today is the day to get peace of mind with your home or business cybersecurity. Contact iNettechnology.net to set up a consultation to get started.