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Engineering IT Support

IT Support for the Engineering Companies

In the engineering industry being a step ahead is key to success. At iNet Technology we work around the clock to keep all of your data secure, and if any issues may arise we work to resolve them immediately. Taking part in a competitive industry, we understand the needs for high quality service that is budget friendly. With experienced staff we help to provide a system that works best for your company.

Boosted Performance

With only the best equipment, iNet will ensure all your systems are functioning in order to keep up with your business. Through every phase of setup, from ordering to installation, our employees will make sure that everything is running smoothly. With constant monitoring, iNet guarantees the best performance suited for your needs.

24/7 Monitoring

With each piece of equipment that your business orders and uses, iNet monitors. Whenever anything may go down, we are immediately alerted and will begin working hard to get it up and running so your business experiences as little downtime as possible. We even track when equipment may need upgrades or replacement, reducing the possibility of a complication.

Work Remotely

Whether working at home or on-site, iNet can set up remote capabilities so your business can thrive no matter the location. Working remotely allows employees to continuously work from home to ensure a smooth running business.

We at iNet work hard to keep your hard-working business up and running with the most secured equipment and systems that are always backed-up. With cloud solutions and remote capabilities, working from any location has never been easier. For more information and any questions feel free to contact us.