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What are the Differences Between Managed IT Services and Break/ Fix IT Services?
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What are the Differences Between Managed IT Services and Break/ Fix IT Services?

marketing - August 3, 2021 - Blog

Technology advancements and the increasing demand for digital-based business solutions have made more businesses dependent on network connections. Managed IT services, or other break/fix IT services, are crucial in keeping your network up and running. 

Many businesses, especially small to medium-based enterprises, face the complex challenge of deciding the best solutions for their businesses. 

While both options have their pros and cons, it makes sense to consider your business needs, the flexibility, and the cost-effectiveness of the support services before making a choice.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are third-party service providers that create a holistic approach to managing your IT ecosystem. Managed service providers work offsite and utilize their resources and personnel to manage your system. 

With a managed IT service provider, you get comprehensive managed cybersecurity services, system maintenance, software patches, and ransomware protection at a monthly fee.

What are Break/ Fix IT Services?

As the name implies, break/fix services come on board when a problem arises in your systems. Break/fix technicians provide on-premise services and are paid after service. In this approach, no contracts or subscriptions are involved because services are provided as requested.

How do Managed IT Services Differ from Break/Fix IT Services?

While both approaches help businesses maintain steady IT ecosystems, their approaches to IT service delivery differ in the following ways:

Payment predictability

There is payment predictability that comes with outsourcing managed IT service providers. Managed IT services typically renew by subscription plan which charges you a monthly fee for all the services offered. 

With this kind of model, you can budget with certainty. With break/fix IT services, it is difficult to predict certain IT expenditures, making it hard to budget ahead of time.

Mode of Response

Managed IT services provide a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure. They offer ongoing support, monitor your systems, and fix issues immediately. On the other hand, break/fix IT services use a more reactive approach that mainly provides short-term solutions. 


Due to the contract agreement, a managed service provider will have an incentive to ensure your network is functional and secure. There is prompt response and cooperation between your team and the MSP, making operations more efficient. Conversely, break/fix technicians provide reactive fixing or product-specific services.

Help desk Functions

Managed IT service providers have around-the-clock monitoring and communication channels to link with clients. Break/fix IT services do not have such options.

Client Scope

Small to medium-sized enterprises with simple IT networks may require break/fix IT services. At the same time, large businesses will need managed IT services and managed cybersecurity to maintain and secure expansive networks.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between managed IT services and break/fix IT services, your business needs should come first. Hiring managed IT services can be critical to keeping your business’s information safe and secure. For expert help and innovative managed IT solutions, contact iNet today.