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Are In-House or Outsourced IT Services More Effective?
outsourced IT services

Are In-House or Outsourced IT Services More Effective?

inet - June 7, 2021 - Blog

Managing your company’s IT needs can be an enormous challenge, especially if you have a small to midsize business. Keeping your own in-house team is expensive, and they may not be able to handle all of your system’s needs. Using managed IT services may be the better choice for your company.

Minimize Downtime

Your company cannot afford excessive downtime, which is proven to average $5600 lost per minute. When problems shut down your system, you need a team of experts working to get you back online as soon as possible. An in-house tech employee, no matter how good, may take hours to fix the issue. Meanwhile, you could be losing thousands of dollars and damaging your reputation.

When you outsource your IT needs to a managed technology service, you benefit from their extensive resources. They can identify and fix issues far more quickly than a small in-house group can.

Reduce Expenses

Outsourced IT services can save your company money. The cost of your own in-house team can be prohibitive because you are paying salary, benefits, etc. for each member. A managed service provider will charge you a predictable monthly rate for services, which allows you to better budget for your IT.

Outsourcing your IT means better security for your system. Managed service providers are knowledgeable about the latest security threats and ways to deal with them. They monitor your system 24/7 and can often stop a threat before it harms your business. Additionally, they have advanced backup systems in case of catastrophic events.

Security and data loss issues are the final blow for many small and medium-sized businesses. Investing in protection and backup solutions could save you money and even preserve your financial ability to operate.

Many managed service companies offer hardware as a service, which means you don’t have to keep buying new equipment or relying on outdated computers, servers, routers, etc. Owning or leasing your own computers may sound preferable, but this equipment is outdated almost as soon as you pay for it and you won’t need to keep up with licensing needs, either. 

Instead, you can use this equipment as part of your managed services deal. This arrangement costs a fraction of what buying and maintaining your own equipment does. Plus, the company will automatically update your hardware so that you always have the most modern tech on hand. 

The Best Option for Outsourced IT Services

SMBs should outsource their IT to save money, increase security, and enjoy up-to-date computing systems. Oursourced managed IT services can free your company from costly downtime by providing constant monitoring and a 24/7 help desk. For many companies, outsourcing simply makes the most sense!

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