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On-Site Support

When you need to schedule an on-site visit for issues that are irresolvable over the phone or via email, our technicians are glad to answer the call. For network, workstation, server or network device service we are here to help you get the problem fixed. As computers and networks converge with all factors of the business environment, it becomes important to have a partner with the knowledge and know-how to handle your infrastructure to keep your business on track.

All of our technicians are certified and have a minimum 3 years experience and have been through level-tested interviews and exam processes prior to employment. This process, with ongoing training and performance incentives, keeps our entire staff of technicians and internal support motivated. In addition to vendor specific training, we also pride ourselves in knowing and understanding industry standards and core technologies so that whether your issue is vendor specific or a core technology related problem, we can quickly assess and resolve open issues with you.

As well as being well established and trained in troubleshooting, our technicians can also offer on-site training and education to better enable your staff to recognize and prevent problems before the need to call a technician.

Remote Support

With our robust Remote Support system we can provide another level of support to our customers. Simple instructions are given by our knowledgeable staff to our customers to initiate the remote support session. Once a qualified technician is assisting you remotely they have full control of your system and can fix many problems without the cost of an on-site visit. Not all problems can be resolved remotely but if our technicians feel that the problem can be resolved without an on-site visit let us save you time and money.