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Server Management

Server Management

If one of your servers went down, how long could you go without it?

The answer is simple.  No company can afford to have their equipment fail.  Although it is impossible to prevent all outages, it is not impossible to mitigate the risk of outages.  Our skilled technicians will provide you support and recommendations that will strive towards a 99.9% up time.  Not only can we provide entire server solutions, we can also provide the necessary day to day tasks such as disk defragmentation, security patch installs, event log monitoring and much more.

Server Management Solutions:

New Server Installations
Server Hardware Upgrades
Maintenance – log files piling up, services, and hardware performance checks
Active Directory – User management, and maintenance
Moving your business location? We can help!

It’s almost a full-time job to keep your servers running smoothly. And you can’t ignore them if there’s a problem. You have a business to run and no time for downtime! Let our skilled technicians maintain your servers and save you time and money!