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IT Consulting

IT Consulting
A personal IT staff has their specialties in daily networking tasks; managing servers, daily desktop support problems. What do you do when a more in-depth problem arises?

What happens when unusual network problem that prevents your employees from accessing your servers? Maybe it’s time to replace network equipment or you may need to add new features, like security appliances.

What’s needed may be outside of your IT staff’s field of expertise. That’s where iNet Technology Group can help you with our expert staff of IT consultants.

When To Hire An IT Consultant
When you need to build out new hardware and software deployments.
When your budget can be utilized better by hiring a consultant over a new employee.
When you need to address specific problems.
When you need an IT solution but you just are not sure which one is right for you.

“But isn’t hiring a consultant expensive?” No, not necessarily. Here at INet Technology Group, we focus on reliability and efficiency, so that we can save our clients money through our work. In fact, consultants are often hired for exactly that reason – to save the company money!

IT Consultants Save You Time & Money

IT Consultants help you get more efficiency out of current IT systems.

IT Consultants can take over important specialized tasks, so existing IT staff is freed up to focus on daily operations.

IT Consultants keep you up-to-date on new technology that may solve certain problems.

IT Consultants implement new systems that save money over older products

IT consultants save time in implementing new hardware or software. They’ve already implemented the technology in various different environments. So they know how to reliably install the required technology, what to expect along the way, and how much time it’ll take.

iNet Technology Group and New Clients

The most effective IT solutions are those that help our clients improve their business, not restrict it with the wrong equipment.

For iNet Technology Group we believe IT consulting looks for a balance between your budget, the best technology for the client, and your existing environment. Here’s how we work with our clients:

First, we perform a network audit. iNet Technology Group Network Audit creates a complete picture of your infrastructure, including:

Network Elements
Documentation that currently exists
Any Network Redundancy built-in
Existing Support Contracts
Operations Process & Management
Network Security Status/Technology Used with the audit we can determine what solution is right for your project.

With the audit we can determine what solution is right for your project.

Consider the client’s budget & intended goals.
Make recommendations for a solution that fits with your current IT systems.
When the solution is agreed upon, we implement the necessary hardware, then software to complete it.